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Local 4’s next Statewide Meeting will take place October 25, 2014 at the Indianapolis Hall located on 8455 Moller Road. Meeting will start at 10 AM with Nominations of officers for Local 4 IN/KY, which will serve for the next three years.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since the last nominations. I believe that we have good officers in place today that have the best interest of Local 4 IN/KY members in each and every decision they make! Here are just a few examples that have taken place under my leadership and these officers:

  1. Anderson office went from two (2) full time support staff to one Office Manager.

  1. Eliminated one full time Field Rep

  1. Started taking Credit and Debit Cards @ the Anderson office for payment of dues from the membership.

  1. All Field Staff took hourly pay cuts that remain in effect as of today.

  1. Field Staff took a 20% cut in hours, 32 hours pay and benefits to balance the budget including myself. Yet still answered the phones on Friday to keep serving you the membership.

  1. Membership used to pay Field Staff’s monthly dues this was stopped and all (including President) pays their own monthly dues.

  1. Local 4 IN/KY budget has either been balanced or in the positive eight (8) of the last nine (9) years. This being done by making the hard decisions that has to be made to balance the budget.

  1. Implemented a Random Auditing program to make sure you the membership gets all the pay and or benefits that you should be receiving. This Auditing Program has recovered over 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS that you the member were shorted either in benefits or in your hourly pay.

  1. Worked very close with IMI, Contractors, Laborers and Suppliers to form a Masonry Coalition. Main purpose of this Coalition is to put all forms of masonry back in buildings. As of today this Masonry Coalition has created over 75,000 man hours for the membership of Local 4 IN/KY.

  1. Merged the Health and Welfare into a better plan for the following chapters: Evansville, Louisville, Lafayette, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Muncie. This merger has benefited the members of these chapters by giving them as good or better medical insurance. It also, added eye and dental insurance and all this for the same premium price per month. Also, with what is called a look back on hours it also made it easier for members to qualify for future insurance coverage. This is a very good plan for the members in these chapters.

  1. Implemented the information policy that sends information back to you the membership to keep you informed of what is happening in Local 4 IN/KY.

  1. Purchased three (3) buildings one in Fort Wayne, Muncie and Indianapolis. If you take what Local 4 was paying in rent on the Fort Wayne building it will be paid for in less than five (5) years from time of purchase. The Muncie building will be paid for in less than three (3) years from time of purchase. Our Indianapolis Hall was a basic swap from the old building to the new building. All the furniture in the new Indianapolis Hall was included in the purchase of the building, since the building was a repo. Each building is a lot nicer and bigger building.

  1. Last and by no means least, give the membership the right to vote on a new Market Recovery Policy that will help pick up market share which will give you the membership and our contractors more work opportunities in the future.


These are just a few of the changes that have been implemented for the betterment of Local 4 and its membership. I assure you this that under my leadership and these officers we will not dwell on our past achievements, but will continue to work for future achievements to make Local 4 IN/KY better for all its membership. 

Anderson office again has gone from two to one office personal. The office only has three phone lines and one cell phone, so if you call please understand that this person not only handles the phones but has to muti-task: bank, dues, credit cards, supplies, ect. So if you call and get no answer PLEASE leave a short message and your phone CALL will be returned ASAP. Just your name and number is all that’s needed and your call will be returned. If for some reason (sick, vacation, ect) there will be no one in the office then the recorded message will be changed to keep you the membership informed.                                

Let me again say THANKS to those members that took part in the process of voting on the new Market Recovery Program that will be going into effect Jan. 1, 2015. President Champ and the officers of Local 4 appreciates the vote of confidence and will make the program fair and equal for all members of Local 4 IN/KY.

No one has a crystal ball or knows what issues will have to be addressed in the future, but I assure you this under my Leadership and this Management Committee we are up to all challenges that lie ahead. We will never forget who we work for and what you the membership go through everyday. I truly want to thank you the membership for having the confidence not only in me but the officers of Local 4 IN/KY for allowing us the pleasure of serving you! It’s truly an honor and again we will continue to serve you and never forget that without you the membership there is no Local 4 IN/KY.


Market Recovery Policy

To all Brothers & Sisters of BAC Local 4


          On September 15, 2014 the Market Recovery Ballots were opened and counted at the Indy Hall. Local 4 would like to give a big thanks to the two members of our Merrillville Chapter, Arnold Reyes and David Rodriguez. These two members not only came to see the process but they took part in the process from start to finish, including final counting of the ballots which was done by Mr. Reyes and Mr. Rodriguez.

          We had a total of 893 Market Recovery Ballots returned. The final vote count was 587 in favor of the Market Recovery Policy, and 211 were against the Policy. There were 95 ballots that were not able to be counted do to the fact that members were not paid up (30) or members did not put IU# on outside of envelope (65).

          Local 4 would also like to thank all members that took part in this very important process. Many members say they don’t have a voice or vote. This was a perfect opportunity for the membership to have a voice & vote. The policy was put together after studying and reading all the comments and answers to questions from the membership. Even though we could not please everyone all comments and answers were considered, and the policy changed on more than one occasion. The membership also voted on this issue and now the membership has spoken. The Market Recovery Policy will go into effect January 1st, 2015.

          As your President I would like to please everyone, but I realize that is an impossible task. I would like to thank everyone that voted on this Market Recovery Policy and for having the faith in me as your President and Management Committee to see that this program is put into effect, and is used to pick up man hours for you the membership. I promise you the membership, that I will do everything in my power to see that this new policy works, and is done in a fair and equal way.

          I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and I can see the road will be a little rocky at times, but I assure you this as your President Local 4 will continue to work for the betterment of its membership.

Thanks Again

President Champ 


Market Recovery/Target Fund Policy
Market Recovery/Target Fund Policy The much talked about Market Recovery Policy is now posted on this web-site read over the policy and if you have questions or comments either talk to your Field Rep. Read More...
Common Construction Wage
INFORMATION FROM YOUR PRESIDENT TED CHAMP ANOTHER WAY OF KEEPING YOU THE MEMBERSHIP INFORMED Dear Brothers & Sisters :           This year in the Indiana General Assembly, a bill was introduced to repeal the Common Construction Wage Act. Read More...
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