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What's New at BAC 4

Indiana House passed the repeal of Common Construction Wage law by a 55-41 vote on Monday. At least 12 Republicans voted no along with all Democrats. The House Bill 1019 which would repeal the Common Construction Wage now moves to the Senate to the Tax Fiscal Policy Committee. We now need to turn our attention to the committee members below and send them emails or call them telling them to vote no on the Common Wage repeal. So if you live in any of these counties below don’t just set there call or email these members we have to be heard or this law will be repealed. Its not too late we must continue this fight we must act now.

We have just been advised that HB 1019 has been assigned to the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee.  Members of this committee are as follows:

Brandt Hershman, Chair      (Dist. 7)          Boone County, Carroll County, Clinton County, Jasper County, Tippecanoe County, White County

Travis Holdman, RM            (Dist. 19)        Adams County, Blackford County, Grant County, Huntington County, Jay County, Wells County

James Buck                         (Dist. 21)        Clinton County, Grant County, Hamilton County, Howard County, Tipton County

Ed Charbonneau                  (Dist. 5)         Jasper County, LaPorte County, Porter County, Pulaski County,Starke County

Luke Kenley                         (Dist. 20)        Hamilton County

Pete Miller                            (Dist. 24)        Hendricks County, Putnam County,

Ryan Mishler                        (Dist. 9)          Elkhart County, Kosciusko County, Marshall County, St. Joseph County

James Smith                        (Dist. 45)        Clark County, Jackson County,

Jefferson County, Scott County, Switzerland County, Washington County

Greg Walker                         (Dist. 41)        Bartholomew County, Johnson County

John Broden, RMM              (Dist. 10)        Johnson County, Morgan County, Owen County, Putnam County

Jean Breaux                         (Dist.34)         Marion County

Frank Mrvan                         (Dist. 1)          Lake County

Lonnie Randolph                  (Dist. 2)          Lake County 

Questions call your Field Rep or President Champ.

President Champ




This message is very important and I hope you read and understood that this is not an attack on the Republicans. I know some good people that are Republicans. These are just the facts about the attack on organized labor which affects you and your family, just like it affects me and my family. So if you’re a Republican and you take offence to this article all I can say is look at the facts, see what this party is doing to you and wake up. I’m talking about the Republicans in the State of Indiana.

February 17th, I witnessed the best dog and pony show I have seen in the last few years. The only one that even compared to what I witnessed on this day was when the Republicans did the same show in the Indiana House of Representatives and then passed Right to Work.

This dog and pony show was the Repeal of the Common Construction Wage in the state of Indiana. This committee sat there for over 3 hours hearing testimony after testimony knowing how the vote would go at the end. Some testimonies were on how it would save tax payers money and others stating why repeal would not help this state, and in fact would hurt this state’s revenue. Worst of all it would hurt the workers on these job sites by lowering wages and allowing the low paying out of state workers and contractors to come into Indiana and take YOUR job!

The Republican Party is very good at playing politics. Back when this party took control of the state of Indiana did you ever hear one campaign on passing Right to Work? “NO” you didn’t, but we are now a Right to Work State. Then, last election when they took super majority in both Indiana House and Senate did you hear anyone even mention one single word about doing away with the Common Construction Wage? (Which is a direct attack on Unions just like Right to Work is and was). “No” you didn’t. All you hear from them is what they know you want to hear: gun control, abortion, and lower taxes. Let me address these issues: Gun Control: If you don’t wake up they continue to cut your wages & benefits and make it easier for non-union to take your jobs and lower your wages. You will no longer have to worry about your guns because you will have to sell them. You won’t be able to afford the ammunition and do you really think that the government is going to knock on your door and take your gun? I too own guns and I’m not real concerned about this issue, but Republicans know it’s dear to our hearts so they make it a big issue. Abortion: Everyone has their own thoughts on this issue and someday the almighty will be the judge on this issue. Lower Taxes: This one is a joke! Everyone wants lower taxes, but we also all want better schools, better roads, safe communities and as we can see right now we don’t have this, so how are you going to get it by lowering taxes? What you don’t hear from the Republican leadership is their hidden agenda which is to destroy Unions, to make you lay Brick, Block, Tile, and Terrazzo for lower wages and lower if any benefits.

Blue Collar workers (UNION MEMBERS) had better wake up and get involved in the political process before it’s too late! That old saying “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone” is so true the only problem with that is once it’s gone it maybe next to impossible to ever get it back.

Again, I state that this article may seem like an attack on the Republican Party, but it’s not this is just the facts. The republicans have some very good ideas, but when SOME stand on the House Floor and state that they have nothing against Unions and they think Unions are good for this state, but then continue to produce bill after bill after bill to destroy Unions, cut Union members pay and benefits, cut your unemployment benefits the list goes on and on. There is just one word comes to mind for these members of the House of Representatives that stand on the floor and make these comments and that word is “Liar”.

Common Wage is good for Indiana and has been and will continue to be. It keeps everyone on a level playing field. It keeps those willing to work for nothing at bay somewhat and it keeps those from out of state from coming in to our state and taking your jobs, lowering your standard of living and making it impossible to live the American dream.

Local 4 is doing all it can to stop the repeal of the Common Construction Wage Law. Local 4 would like to THANK all the members that get it and have done their part in stopping this attack. Now Local 4 is asking all members to step up and call your House of Representative and tell them to vote “NO” on the repeal of the Common Construction Wage.

And last but by no means least, to our contractors THANK YOU for stepping up becoming involved and helping on this issue. So the members know Local 4 signatory contractors have been helping fight this fight for months. We need them to continue to also call their Representatives and tell them to vote “NO” on the repeal of the Common Wage Law. Local 4’s Statewide Contractors have contacted representatives, attended meetings, mailed out information on the negative impact if repealed. They have to put it quite simple hit a home run so next time you see one of our contractors thank them for helping in the Common Wage fight. I, as President would definitely like to say thank you for those contactors and contractor representatives that have helped in this battle. This is one of many battles lately that we have stood side by side and fought for the same common good. I want you to know I’m proud and honored to be the President of Local 4, but never prouder than when we all come together, forget about our differences and work as one for the betterment of the Masonry Industry.

Your thinking how do I help? I like my standard of living, I like having Health & Welfare, I want to have a Pension so I can retire. The attacks on Unions and Blue Collar workers must stop, but how do I help on these issues? Call your Field Representatives, call you Indiana House Representative and Indiana Senator and get involved. 2016 is right around the corner go to the polls and vote for those that support our issues.

Wake up and get involved before it’s too late. It’s easy to blame others while some are setting doing nothing. All I can say is if your one that just wants to bitch about things, but never helps bitch to yourself cause some of us our working our ass off for the betterment of all.

President Champ

Ted Champ

February News


News to the Membership

I, President Champ would like to apologize for the delay of our new membership update. I have noticed that many of you go to the web-site and facebook for Local 4’s updates. Again, I apologize for the delay! Some of you may lose interest if you see that the articles are the same, so I will do my best to update these pages at least by the first part of each month or earlier. If there is anything that I believe that the membership should know about sooner I will make sure and post it to the site ASAP.

Our Market Recovery Program will start building its funds now. The benefits for January 2015 will not be paid in until February 2015. These funds again will be used to target jobs that the non-union has taken away from our Signatory Contractors. Local 4 is well prepared to start receiving these funds. The accounting in the Anderson Office will keep track of each and every penny. When this fund grows to the point of targeting jobs Local 4 will keep track of every job targeted and have a balance sheet to keep you the membership informed as to how this program is working.

Our BAC Member Portal is a program that the IU has developed. Below are just a few of the things you can check out and do on this web-site once you have registered.

  1. Demographic and Contact Information

  1. IU Membership Information

  1. IU Death Benefit Information Including Beneficiary Designations

  1. Recent Work History

  1. Reciprocal Information Including Blanket Authorization Forms and Transfer Histories Processed Through BAC Recip.

  1. Pertinent Forms and Documents

  1. This section just added (Job Information)! If a Local including ours, is in need of manpower the Local will post it on this site along with information like wages, benefits, hours worked and a contact number for the member to call to talk to the Local that is need of the manpower! (Take Advantage of This)

I encourage all members to sign up on the Member Portal! Our members asked for a site like the Portal and our IU responded wasting no time in getting the BAC Member Portal up and running for the betterment of this membership!

To sign up and began enjoying the BAC Member Portal go to click on the Member Portal Banner. First time visitors should look for CREATE AN ACCOUNT, and then just follow the instructions.

Few things you will need before creating your account is an active email account, your IU membership number which is 6 digits long, and your initiation date. Both can be found on your membership card. If you have any questions about our new Membership Portal please call our Anderson Office @ 1-800-322-2830.

This Portal benefits all members and I encourage you to sign up and use this program.

Once you have signed up and are using this Portal your feedback is more than welcome and should be sent to   

In closing, we will keep an eye on the statehouse to see if any bills begin to move that would hurt this membership. If these bills begin to move I will post this information on facebook and web-site. I will also email it to all that have signed up to receive information by means of email.

Again, thank you for allowing me to serve you the membership as your President. It is an honor and privilege, a job that I take very serious. Thank you for trusting in me to lead this organization.


Ted Champ

Keeping You The Member Informed
OCTOBER NEWS FOR THE MEMBERSHIP OF LOCAL 4 IN/KY Local 4’s next Statewide Meeting will take place October 25, 2014 at the Indianapolis Hall located on 8455 Moller Road. Meeting will start at 10 AM with Nominations of officers for Local 4 IN/KY, which will serve for the next three years. Read More...
Market Recovery Policy
To all Brothers & Sisters of BAC Local 4                          On September 15, 2014 the Market Recovery Ballots were opened and counted at the Indy Hall. Read More...
Market Recovery/Target Fund Policy
Market Recovery/Target Fund Policy The much talked about Market Recovery Policy is now posted on this web-site read over the policy and if you have questions or comments either talk to your Field Rep. Read More...
Common Construction Wage
INFORMATION FROM YOUR PRESIDENT TED CHAMP ANOTHER WAY OF KEEPING YOU THE MEMBERSHIP INFORMED Dear Brothers & Sisters :           This year in the Indiana General Assembly, a bill was introduced to repeal the Common Construction Wage Act. Read More...
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Anthis Skills Contest
Anthis hosted the local skills contest for 7 high school students. The winners will go on to the state competition. Local 4 provided the judges.
Wounded Warrior Home
Dan Flores, Local 4 apprentice instructor leading a crew to install masonry. This was a donation to a wounded military veteran.
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